Music Show Recap: MBC ‘Show! Music Core!’ (June 27, 2015)

Performers on today’s episode of MBC Music Core (June 27) included: SISTAR, TEEN TOP, Chaeyeon, BTS, AOA, Sleepy, MAMAMOO, Baek Ah Yeon, SPEED, Boys’ Republic, Melody Day, CLC, Jo Jung Min, HIGH4, So Yumi and Sweet Revenge.

First place nominees were Baek Ah Yeon’s “Shouldn’t Have”, Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang” and EXO’s “Love Me Right”. EXO won with “Love Me Right”. Congrats to EXO!


Here are the performances:

SISTAR – Don’t Be Such A Baby + Shake It

TEEN TOP – 5 Seasons + Ah Ah

Chaeyeon – Obvious

BTS – Dope

AOA – Chocolate + Heart Attack

Sleepy – Cool Night (ft. MinJae)

MAMAMOO – Um Oh Ah Yeh

Baek Ah Yeon – Shouldn’t Have

SPEED – What U

Boys’ Republic – Hello

Melody Day – Love Me

CLC – Like

Jo Jung Min – Sway

HIGH4 – Baby Boy

So Yumi – Shake Me Up

Sweet Revenge – Fly High